The Food Industry Group is engaged in businesses that deliver food-related products to consumers all over the world. Our operations cover food resources, fresh foods, consumer products, food ingredients and other products. We are active in every link of the supply chain, from the production and sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products.

Our mission is to deliver a stable supply of goods and services that meet the needs of consumers and provide them with a quality of life that is both rich and full of variety. We are also actively working to provide solutions to an array of social issues across our supply chains. Recognizing our responsibility to meet and exceed health and environmental standards, we undertake businesses that prioritize consumer safety and security, and by doing so, we provide the kind of value that is sought by society.

We are firmly committed to realizing a stable and sustainable supply model by laterally developing quality products and services in markets across the globe, creating new growth opportunities, flexibly responding to economic and industrial changes, and becoming an increasingly competitive player in the foods sector.

Organizational Structure

Food Sciences Division

Food Sciences Division is developing high-value-added businesses in the food and health segments, a subsidiary which belongs to the “managing” sub-category, at the core.

Leveraging our business expertise in the food science segment and bio-medical segment, we are pursuing business in the health-related segment, for which the market is expanding due to the urbanization and aging of society with the increased economic power in emerging countries, as well as the increasing social demands of developed nations such as controlling healthcare costs.

Main Products and Services

Pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, Agrochemical raw materials, intermediates, and products, Cosmetic raw materials, Food ingredients and formulas (food science products), Health ingredients and products (health science products), starches, starched products

Organizational Structure

Bio- Fine Chemicals Dept. | Food Ingredients Dept.

Food Resources Division

Through our main business of manufacturing and selling wheat flour product, animal feed, and sugar that provide the foundation for our diet, and managing the global supply chain of those raw materials, the Food Resources Division is continuously strengthening its competitiveness while focusing on sustainability management. By being sensitive to changes in the market environment, industry structure, and societal needs, we unceasingly re-innovate our products and supply chain in order to suit our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Main Products and Services

Corn, milo, wheat, barley, pearled barley, brown buckwheat, soybean, rapeseed, compound feed materials, wheat flour, sugar, etc.

Organizational Structure

Grain, Oilseeds, and Feed Materials Dept. | Sugar & Wheat Flour Dept.

Mobility Business Division

Through a vertically integrated business model that encompasses production, procurement, manufacturing, processing, and sales, the Produce & Marine Products Division works to meet the needs of consumers by providing a stable supply of fresh foods, such as fish, rice, vegetables, etc.; as well as processed goods.

The Produce & Marine Products Division responds flexibly to changes in population, industry and consumption structure, while proactively and independently managing each business from upstream to downstream, with the perspectives of consumers always in mind.

Sustained growth continues to be achieved in each business by ensuring competitive advantages such as cost competitiveness and added value, etc.

Also, with regard to personnel training, we coordinate with group companies to develop personnel with strong field capabilities that always put customers first.

Main Products and Services

Seafood (tuna, salmon, trout, shrimp etc.), processed seafood products, rice, fresh produce, etc.

Organizational Structure

Produce & Marine Products Dept.