In the Industrial Infrastructure Group, our diverse scope of operations connects us with a broad range of industries and partners, and we are leveraging those connections to develop a variety of business models in the fields of plant engineering, industrial machinery, as well as maritime and aerospace-related businesses.

We provide tailored services and solutions that meet customer needs across various industries, such as technological innovation, digitization, transformation of industrial structures and reduction of environmental impacts. Our mission is to work together with our customers to realize sustainable growth by actively promoting the development of new businesses with adjacent industries while accelerating the growth of our existing businesses.

Organizational Structure

Plant Engineering Division

The Plant Engineering Division is involved in business to construct and supply the infrastructure that provides platforms for industry, such as business investments in the areas of engineering and industrial infrastructure, ownership and operations in the sector known as energy infrastructure that are related to the production, transportation and storage of oil and gas, and chemical and steel plants. Our aim is to utilize the ability to arrange projects, cultivated through such business, to provide high value-added services to resolve customers’ management tasks.

Main Products and services

FPSO*, LNG liquefaction plants, energy infrastructure such as LNG receiving and vaporization facilities, industrial plants involved in international power, chemicals, ironmaking, nonferrous and other businesses, industry-related infrastructure such as airports and ports, plant machinery such as compressors, etc. * Floating Production, Storage & Offloading System

Organizational Structure

Engineering Business Dept. | Infrastructure Solution Dept. | Chiyoda Turnaround & Growth Management Office | Infrastructure EPC Management Office

Industrial Machinery Division

In the Industrial Machinery Division, we are developing a global distribution and rental business for medium- to high-volume machineries, such as those used for construction, mining, and agriculture, as well as machine tools and elevators.

In the rental business sector, in addition to expanding on a nationwide scale domestically, primarily through the business of Nikken Corporation, we are working on developing ASEAN markets. Furthermore, we are engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling construction machinery in China, as well as sales financing businesses.

In the industrial machinery sector, we are developing a distribution business for machine tools and agricultural machinery in Korea, the US, India, Thailand, and so on.

As for the elevator business, in addition to developing the sales and maintenance business in countries around the world, we are working on initiatives for new businesses.

Main Products and services

Rental business and distribution business for industrial machinery such as construction machinery, mining machinery, machine tools, agricultural machinery, and elevators.

Organizational Structure

Operation & Solutions Dept. | Construction Equipment & Rental Business Dept.

Ship & Aerospace Division

In the Ship & Aerospace Division, we provide total solutions targeted toward social infrastructure improvement, and realization of a safer social environment, through the stansaction of equipment and systems in the areas covering maritime, aerospace, and related businesses.

In the shipping industry, we conduct transactions related to bulk carriers, tankers, LNG/LPG carriers, special purpose ships for offshore energy exploration and ship-related machinery; in addition, we engage in owning and operations for these ships.

In the aerospace industry, we conduct sales of products and services generated from the earth’s surface data collected by high-resolution imaging satellites. Also, we engage in transactions related to aircraft for the Korea Ministry of Defense, aircraft engines, and electronic equipment.

Main Products and services

Marine vessels (bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, LNG/LPG carriers, special purpose ships for marine resource development, etc.), marine machinery, satellite imagery, aircrafts and aircraft engines, defense-related equipment, etc.

Organizational Structure

Ship Dept. | Defense and Aerospace Dept.