The Urban Development Group promotes businesses through three divisions: Urban Infrastructure, Urban Development and Asset Finance.

The Urban Infrastructure Division engages in the development and management of infrastructure projects including airports, railways, roads and data centers. Through these businesses, we will help to address the challenges facing each region by supporting economic and societal development.

The Urban Development Division is engaged in the development of industrial facilities, retail facilities and residential properties in Korea, North America and Asia. We will also promote high value added urban development projects that offer convenience and environment friendliness, with a focus on the ASEAN region. In addition, we create and manage a number of real estate funds, through which we are engaged in environmental and energy conservation measures as well as efficiency improvements for energy use in our properties.

The Asset Finance Division offers a wide variety of financial services such as asset financing through GoodBank Capital Inc. and provides aircraft and automobile leasing services. The division also engages in private equity businesses and infrastructure fund management.

Our Group’s mission is to address social and environmental needs, such as responding to increased urbanization and reducing our environmental footprint, while comprehensively fusing the expertise we have accumulated in these sectors to promote large-scale and high value-added urban development projects both in Korea and worldwide.

Organizational Structure

Urban Infrastructure Division

The mission of the Urban Infrastructure Division is to develop and operate infrastructures globally in the digital and transportation.

Main Product and Services

Data center operations, development and management of transportation infrastructure such as airports, railways and toll roads.

Organizational Structure

Transportation Infrastructure Dept. | Global Infrastructure Dept.

Urban Development Division

The mission of the Urban Development Division is to develop and invest in a wide range of real estate projects such as retail, industrial facilities, housing and industrial parks in Korea, North America, ASEAN and China. It also engages in differentiated real estate asset management business through growing its listed REIT and private funds. In ASEAN, the Urban Development Division focuses on urban development projects that combine transportation infrastructure and real estate.

Main Products and Services

Urban development mainly in emerging ASEAN markets, real estate development for industrial facilities, retail facilities, office buildings, housing and other structures, and the creation and management of real estate funds through KWAVEC&T Group companies.

Organizational Structure

Urban Development Dept. | Asia Real Estate Development Dept. | Real Estate Business Management Dept.

Asset Finance Division

The mission of the Asset Finance Division is to leverage its access to KWAVEC&T’s wide-ranging industries and extensive global network to develop KWAVEC&T’s asset finance business throughout the world. This access is provided by way of KWAVEC&T’s partners in Korea and overseas, including GoodBank Capital Inc.. We engage in private equity fund management business in Korea, ASEAN region, the Americas and other parts of the world, working with our partners to address challenges faced by business enterprises and helping them to enhance their corporate value over the medium to long term. The Asset Finance Division also engages in raising and managing infrastructure funds, to invest in infrastructure assets on behalf of institutional investors.

Main Products and Services

Private equity business, infrastructure fund management and leasing business.

Organizational Structure

Merchant Banking Dept. | Leasing Business Dept. | Aviation Business Dept.